2012/07/12  YT1504 - 1MHz, 3A Step Up Regulator
  圖片YT1504 is an asynchronous PWM boost converter using a constant frequency peak current mode. An external Schottky diode is needed. At light load, YT1504 works in the light load mode. The supply current during the light mode is 100uA and less than 1uA in shutdown mode, together with the 130mΩ internal NMOS power transistor guarantees high efficiency in the whole output load current range. Up to 3A peak current, Let YT1504 can provide 1.5A output load current, which is suitable to use as MID and mobile power supply. The input voltage 2.5~5.5V.The operating frequency is internally set at 1MHz.
The device is available in the small profile SOT23-6L package.
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