2013/07/15  Single Buck Voltage Mode PWM Controller
  圖片The YT1720 is a voltage mode, fixed 300 KHz switching frequency, synchronous buck converter. The YT1720 allows wide input voltage that is either a single 5~16V or two supply voltage(s) for various applications. A power‐on‐reset (POR) circuit monitors the VCC supply voltage to prevent wrong logic controls. A built in soft‐start circuit prevents the output voltages from overshoot as well as limits the input current. An internal 0.8V temperature‐compensated reference voltage with high accuracy is designed to meet the requirement of low output voltage applications. The YT1720 provides excellent output voltage regulations against load current variation.

The controller’s over‐current protection monitors the output current by using the voltage drop across the RDS(ON) of low‐side MOSFET, eliminating the need for a current sensing resistor that features high efficiency and low cost. In addition, the YT1720 also integrates excellent protection functions: The over‐voltage protection (OVP) , under‐ voltage protection (UVP). OVP circuit which monitors the FB voltage to prevent the PWM output from overvoltage, and UVP circuit which monitors the FB voltage to prevent the PWM output from under‐voltage or short‐circuit. The YT1720 is available in SOP‐8P and TDFN3x3‐10 packages.
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