2013/01/12  YT8252 - Micropower CMOS Output Hall Effect Switch
  圖片YB8252 Hall-effect sensor is a temperature stable, stress-resistant, Low Tolerance of Sensitivity micro-power switch. Superior high-temperature performance is made possible through a dynamic offset cancellation that utilizes chopper-stabilization. This method reduces the offset voltage normally caused by device over molding, temperature dependencies, and thermal stress.

YB8252 is special made for low operation voltage, 1.65V, to active the chip which is includes the following on a single silicon chip: voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, small-signal amplifier, chopper stabilization, Schmitt trigger, CMOS output driver. Advanced CMOS wafer fabrication processing is used to take advantage of low-voltage requirements, component matching, very low input-offset errors, and small component geometries. This device requires the presence of omni-polar magnetic fields for operation.

The package type is in a Halogen Free version has been verified by third party Lab
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