2013/03/05  YT1511 - 0.9V startup, 1A True Shut-Off Synchronous Boost DC/DC
  圖片The YT1511 is a high efficiency, synchronous step-up switching regulators optimized for battery-powered applications. It supports up to 1A load current and allows the use of small, low cost inductors and MLCC capacitors.

The YT1511 starts up as low as 0.9V input voltage and it has true-shutoff function (shut off output to zero voltage when CE pulled low) and real output short-circuit protection. These features make it ideal for USB interface power supply.

Given its high efficiency, the YT1511 device is ideal for small portable applications powered by battery. It consumes as low as 40uA (3V input /3.3V output) at zero load.
And its current consumption is less than 1uA in shutdown mode.

YT1511 is available in DFN2x2-6 package.
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