2012/03/22  YB1264 - 200mA Low Consumption Linear Regulator
  圖片YB1264 series is a group of positive voltage output, low power consumption, low dropout voltage, three terminal regulator. It can provide 200mA output current when input / output voltage differential drops to 430mV(VOUT = 2.8V), The very low power consumption of YB1264(IQ=1.0uA)can greatly improve natural life of batteries.

YB1264 can provide output value in the range of 1.1V~5.5V in 0.1V steps. It also can be customized on command.

YB1264 includes high accuracy voltage reference, error amplifier, current limit circuit and output driver module.

YB1264 has well load transient response and good temperature characteristic, and it uses trimming technique to guarantee output voltage accuracy within±2%.
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